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Because of its location, the Belmont Heights neighborhood is at a higher risk of wildfires than other parts of Belmont.  It is important that we are as prepared as possible for this eventuality. The Fire Department offers no-cost home visits to evaluate the fire risk to your property.

To schedule your FREE on-site visit, call our Fire Department (SMCFD)

  • Call SMCFD Community Risk Reduction at 650.522.7940.

  • Press 2 (Vegetation Management).

  • Ask to schedule your Free Wildfire Safety Assessment.

  • If you go to voicemail, leave a message with your name, phone number, your address and that you are requesting a free wildfire safety assessment as seen in the BHCIA signage. Someone from our Fire Department will get back to you to schedule the visit at your home.

Fire Harden Your Home

Below is a wealth of information that we urge you to review and

implement as needed.

Wildfires are a Danger to Homes for Two Primary Reasons:

  • Flying Embers:  Wildfires generate massive amounts of embers that are

       wind-carried for up to several miles. There are plenty of examples of entire

       neighborhoods being wiped out due to embers even though the fire was

       contained up to 4 miles away. Two of the lowest-cost improvements to do:

  •   Prevent embers from entering your attic and basement
      (more on firesafe vents)

  •   Keep your gutters and roof clean of flammable debris (leaves, needles)

  • Flames, coming in direct contact with your home:  Having a Defensible Space will help protect your property from a wall of flames: this means a wildfire is out of control and your home is in its path. (more on defensible space)

Asbestos and Natural Disasters


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BHCIA HardenYourHome.jpg
wildfire safe vent.png

FireSafe Vents: Vents on homes create openings for flying embers.  Ember entry through vents can result in ignition of combustible materials in the attic, and result in a building burning from the inside out.


For more information please click here.

Please click on image below to view document.


FireSafeMarin is another great resource for specific steps you can take to harden your home against wildfire.

Below is the video of the informative Peninsula Wildfire Summit, held September 2019, organized by the Sierra Club's Loma Prieta local chapter. 

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