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BHCIA Community Projects

BHCIA membership dues and donations help fund projects and organize activities that benefit the community.

Do you have a new project idea?  Click below tell us your idea and apply for project funding.

Hallmark Entrance Median Beautification (ongoing)

Suzanne Hallmark Median 2022.jpg

Tahoe Entrance Median Beautification (ongoing)

tahoe median_edited.jpg

BHCIA Youth Grants Projects 2021

Jason painting gate Blur.jpg

Hallmark Barrier Gate Beautification

Jason Nguyen certificate blur.jpg
Laurent Fire Hydrant.jpeg
Matthew Ruff certificate blur.jpg

Hallmark Entrance Fire Hydrant Beautification

Dick Green Bench - Hallmark Park 2020

Dick Green Bench.jpg

Hallmark Parklet Beautification 2019


Parklet before.jpg


Parklet completed.jpg
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