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BHCIA Membership Registration

After completing the member information, click [Register and Checkout] to pay online.

BHCIA is bringing back the Member Directory! The Directory will be available only to members who opt in to be listed in the directory and who agree not to share or resell its contents. Members who opt in will have access to the online directory and can purchase the printed directory at our cost. Please note that it will take some time for the Directory to be made available, and thank you for your patience! Kindly indicate your Opt In/Out choices below:

If opting in, please choose:

The annual membership fee is $25 for the calendar year. Please consider increasing the amount to include an additional donation to BHCIA.



  • Required fields above are noted with an asterisk *. All other fields are optional.

  • The "Thank You" screen will appear once your membership has been submitted.

Thanks for registering!

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