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Belmont Police Evacuation Siren
Belmont Police vehicles are now equipped with a new siren which will be used specifically for evacuations. The siren has a distinct high-low tone and WILL ONLY be used for evacuation purposes.


Watch this informative video and Remember,

"If you hear High-Low, it's TIME TO GO!" 


History of BHCIA (the book)

A History of the Belmont Heights Civic Improvement Association

Written by Dick Green, one of the first residents of Belmont Heights and an organizer of the BHCIA, this brief history traces the events that brought the residents of this neighborhood together, and keeps them together today. Photography by Frank Mercer conveys the natural beauty and stunning vistas of this tranquil hillside neighborhood. Published by Kristin Mercer on behalf of the BHCIA.


Please click here to purchase or click here for a peak inside.  

History of BHCIA

BHCIA was formed over 40 years ago to protect and improve the property values and quality of life for residents of our neighborhood in Belmont, California. Our mission is to encourage residents to become actively involved in our community, to connect with each other, to protect the value of our neighborhood and ensure our community remains safe. The BHICA website has recently been redesigned to better serve our residents and association goals. Please attend our bi-monthly meetings to learn more about what is going on in our community. Our goals are:

  • To keep our members well informed with relevant local announcements and news.

  • To provide a way for Belmont Heights residents to easily contact BHICA with questions, ideas and suggestions.

  • To offer Belmont Heights residents an convenient way to join, pay annual membership fees, and donate toward neighborhood projects.

  • To notify Belmont Heights residents of our bi-monthly meeting schedule, agendas and its minutes.  Please know our bi-monthly meetings are now open to Belmont Heights residents, and we encourage you to join us.

  • To respond to resident requests for secured access to our online directory of other BHCIA members.

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